Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is a high yield, private loan program, backed up by Bonds, Forex, Gold, Stocks trading, and investing in various funds and activities all over the world. Their mission is to provide their investors with a great opportunity for our funds by investing as prudently as possible in various arenas to gain high rates in return.
They are a successful group of private individuals who have made their money through prudent investments in the finance industry on a worldwide basis for over 6 years. Honestly, please do not compare us to something like "games" that are always coming and going. Besides, we do have a reliable and profitable source of real net income, based on the real investment from the real market.

First Plane
Min-Max           Interest                Period
5$-500$           1.15% Daily         12 Business Days
Seconded Plane
Min-Max           Interest               Period
501$-1000$     1.74% Daily        26 Business Days
Third Plane
Min-Max           Interest               Period
1,001$-10,000$   1.96% Daily        52 Business Days
 Liberty Reserve Perfect Money
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