Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Every day Tetra Metals Company conducts thousands of trading operations with gold, silver, platinum and palladium by getting a few percents per day for its investors and itself. On the days with negative profit, they pay out investor profit from the reserve fund, which is replenished thanks to highly profitable trading sessions characterized by the high market volatility.This site doesn't have good rankinging on HIYPs site but still it is paying to his users.This Company is legal offshore and registered in New Zeland. This site have Certificate which you can check in Here.
Tetra MetalsHow to Open Account
For opening your account in this investing site, click on account button that  will be found on the starting page, You should have your e-mail, and put the password that will help to secure your account.you also feed your personal data. After you complete this process go to you e-mail box and active account by clicking link.

Scalper STIF
Min-Max           Interest                Period
1$-1000$           1.5% Daily         160 Business Days
ForEx Proceeds
Min-Max            Interest               Period
1001$-5000$     1.9% Daily          160 Business Days
Business Plane
Min-Max            Interest               Period
5001$-10000$   2.2% Daily         160 Business Days

  Liberty Reserve Perfect Money